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Prevent- Fraud

Please go though all the notes before you purchase.

Since we were in business, the most frequent question we are facing everyday is "How can I be sure your company won't take the money and then disappear?"

passmcitpmcsewithoutexam.com is accept the payment from verified PAYPAL account, WESTERN-UNION, MONEYBOOKERS, XOOM.COM, BANK-WIRE, MONEYGRAM. we are provide the widely payment for all of you. eg. PAYPAL and XOOM.COM have function to roll-back money if cheated.

Someone will ask "Do you have any Testimonial Notes for us to preview or any successful case for preview"? Sorry, we will not provide any screen capture or any asking notes, it break the Privacy Policy and may expose our clients personal detail, no clients want the personal detail to share with others.

Why don't you show the certs and any clients in the site? In case, there is always fraud site of them. After we take exam, Microsoft, Cisco will send the certification directly, it WILL NOT send to us, so we will we will not hold any copy of the certifications, in case such site is download the pictures from internet, we will not show anything that's not belonging to us. We just provide official VUE or Prometric to check result , ALL THE REQUEST NOTES and PERSONAL DETAIL WILL BE DELETE AFTER YOU GET PASSED , we will not provide any reply notes of email or enquiry notes to clients. it break the Privacy Policy. And that notes can created easily, can't prove that we are trust. We just provide official account only , we haven't any "tracing system", it is always use to cheat the clients money, the simple to prove that we are trust by using official account.

Why our websites create so new? but you have said you run for it a long time. For preventing the check from VUE, Prometric, Microsoft, Cisco..... We will create a new site or increase the new site again to run the business. We are real IT exam agency company, our websites are exposed by media. For safe reason, we must edit and change the websites for a period. It is because we get many client personal detail, it may be the target of hacker, therefore we will delete the detail after you it is the safe reason to provide the smooth services, if there is found the people who has take in same center or any hackers from them to check back the running, then ALL the client result will be cancel, for safe reason, we always delete the client personal details after we complete the exam.

Why you don't provide the payment as "Exam First" or "partly payment/installment first" instead of FULL payment?we have two options in the first option we will do the exam first and then client has to send us payment second is installment methord.
Those are fraud site and run mode as below:
1. They will send you a virtual score report and check in a virtual websites, when you see there is pass and you care not carefully, after a several weeks, you will find your certifications still not arrive and it haven;t any record in microsoft or cisco. You will know you have been cheated.
2. "Pending" case, they will charge our 1/2 or 1/3 price, when you take the exam and see a pending days of several weeks later, they will call you to paid the rest or paid the next, after you paid all and the time of day you will get a "Cancel" of result, then you have been cheated, in case they haven't take any exam for you. Just book the exam only.
3. Change name, they will use the similar name that is the name of their local name, but they will said the name will be change to the same name of you later, in case such local student price are 1/3~1/5 of our foreigner price only. In case there is no way to change the name, after you paid all, the certification is not belong to yours,

There is features of trust IT Exam Substituting Company:

1. It contain muti-payment mode, include the roll-back payment gateway. eg paypal.
2. They provide the official websites account, such as VUE/Prometric to check.
3. It will provide installment payment.
4. They will not show many successful case on the site.
5. If you will find price lower then us then we will meet the same.


For More Details ask our Cust Care Executive or email us at mcitpmcsemcts@gmail.com


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